Creative Collaboration: Splendor In Spanglish / by NikkRich


When I approached Mariella with my creative collaboration project and she immediately had a numerous amount of ideas on how we could collaborate. Needless to say, I knew we were going to create magic together. She specializes in interior design and room styling. Her minimalistic style and monochrome color palette is what caught my eye and made me want to work with her. As we began to bounce ideas off each other she told me about her One Room Challenge. Its a challenge where a blogger chooses one room in their house to redecorate over a course of 6-weeks. She choose her bedroom. In 4 weeks, I watched her transform her bedroom from plain to chic modern. She created two paintings, framed exotic gifts from India and precious marital moments, added light fixtures (with the help of her handyman husband), and reupholstered a bench. This woman is crafty!

She’s always working on something new to make herself and brand better! Every day I showed up to work, something new popped up, a rug , small table trinket, even curtains! Her work ethic does not go unnoticed!

Over the course of this collaboration I have gained an inspiring friend!



The early stages (Photo courtesy of Splendor and Spanglish)


Week 3


Week 5


Final week

Behind the scenes