Creative Collaboration: Ana`is / by NikkRich

I started a new project when I got home to the DMV, fresh out of school and I needed to create to keep myself sane. Its something I have to do constantly, like breathing.

With that, I came up with a collaboration project where I collaborate with other creatives, take photos of them and talk to them about their medium of choice. Who, what, and where inspires them to create and they get great photos in return. In the end I want this to turn into a means of exposure. So I began.

Naturally, I head over to Instagram to search. Its one of the biggest databases for all of kinds of people. I came across was Anais (a-nye-EES) on my search. What drew me to her was her creative way of documenting her daily occurrences and style. She oozes creativity from her DIY two-piece skirt outfit made of recycled car sun reflector to her OOTD's .. its pretty dope! 

She's captivating !

Check her out on the gram. @anais_laurent