Model Files: Kyler / by NikkRich

Kyler was such a wonderful model. Even though she's green, she has a lot of potential and drive that I feel can take her far. She's everything a photographer and designer wants height, youth, and a special sparkle. She's full of life and beauty and the cherry on top was how easy it was to work with her. I love models who WERK! 

Model: Kyler represented by T.H.E. Artist Agency // Make-Up: Audrey of T.H.E. Artist Agency // Wardrobe: NikkRich & Kyler

Side note, during the last couple of test shoots i've done, I found out that I have a safe spot. I don't like it. Looking back at my entire body of work, my composition is getting redundant and my content is simple and repetitive. I have to do something different, NOW! Its mandatory in order to grow into what I know I can be.

Change is coming soon.