The Left Coast x / by NikkRich

Stark white studio walls, bright lights, colorful backdrops, and everything neatly placed in its own space. Dreams, connections, inspiration,  and photography. Everything I had in mind when I thought of California.

I knew I would move to California years ago when I was still in school. After graduation I began doing anything and everything that would help me move towards a life in LA. Working & saving. When I thought I had everything in place, I still couldn't muster up the courage to leave the comfortability of home, of familiarity, for a world unknown and full of uncertainty. I told myself if I started writing down what I wanted to do, and start putting things into action, things would just fall into place. No. I still was home and miserable, in everything I did. Work, play, photography, but what bothered me most, was the lack of inspiration. Once I came to terms with that endless emptiness, I finally quit my job and began seriously planning and packing small things. I recruited my sister (last minute) and we mapped out our 2 day drive to Los Angeles from Virginia.  

Virginia. Tennessee. Arkansas. Texas (Big 'Ole Texas). New Mexico. Arizona. California.   

4 months smushed into 2 days. Unbelievable & amazing! Freeing! The country side of Virginia, the quaintness of Nashville, the speed limits in Texas, the tumbleweeds of New Mexico, the colors of Phoenix,  and the hills of California! My soul is happy. 

The California sign was probably the easiest to pass. It was dark and small.