Model Files: Taryn (Muse) / by NikkRich

NikkRich Photography ©2016
NikkRich Photography ©2016



I first shot her in Atlanta about 2-3 years ago while I was attending school. She inspires me with her movement, her ability to switch her “attitude” on and off and her skill to smoothly transition through emotions.

I don't think it's possible to search for a muse, I believe it's an encounter that happens on your journey. Similar to a unicorn (except they're real, I'm sure others would beg to differ but that's a whole other conversation).

For me, it has to be someone that truly inspires me creatively. I can’t tell you where I found Taryn, or who introduced us but we clicked instantly. 

NikkRich Photography ©2016

I learned how to retouch on images of her, via my professor, Allen Cooley. She set the tone for future work.

I was so thrilled when I heard she was coming to L.A. 


NikkRich Photography ©2016





To sum it up -

She's the homie.