Moments on Set

Bare Minimum by NikkRich


This wasn't even supposed to be. The concept that we started off with was completely different. Looking back now, I guess none of that matters now. The end result was probably better than what would have been, had it been. This group of ladies were amazing! We all put hard work and hours into this which I'm GRATEFUL for.

I submitted these images to two magazines and got declined from both. This isn't the first time. I was absolutely sure that I would get in this time seeing that this idea was something that came straight from feeling. When I got declined I thought I would be more down than I actually was. I realized I'm  actually not looking for magazine acceptance. I was already taking it back to the drawing board before the rejections and i'm very much in love with these images. The rejections did make me wonder, what IF I submitted them to 1 more magazine, maybe that would have been the magazine to accept them. I'll never know with this set, maybe with the next.


 Pops of color on set

NikkRich Photography ©2015 Fashion Photographer


My team,  hair: Candalada // make-up: Loe Calavara // model: Aurum, were the best group of girls to work with after such a long day

NikkRich Photography ©2015 Fashion Photographer

Endless selfies on set Part: II

These girls were troopers. We didn't finish till late in the night but the good vibes were flowing through the whole shoot. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with.


Below are some final images from the shoot

NikkRich Photography ©2015 Fashion Photographer

NikkRich Photography ©2015 Fashion Photographer

Thank you ladies !

NikkRich Photography ©2015 Fashion Photographer