Model Files: Fig & Suki / by NikkRich

I've been on a constant shooting schedule lately and I've felt I needed to add something new to my port. So I got in contact with Fig & Suki through T.H.E. Artist Agency, who are always willing to help when I need them. I feel my portfolio falling into place. The idea I had of what my portfolio would look like growing up is becoming a reality.

A couple of weeks ago I had a feeling of stagnancy. Falling into repetition. This shoot help change that. Now, I am on the path to securing an aesthetic (something I have been battling) I guess redundancy and aesthetic become perpendicular at some point. At the same time I want to be the photographer who continuously reinvents themselves. Getting stuck in a box or category is something I want to move away from (i've always been a bit rebellious).

By all means, I am still learning patience but I see the necessity of the gradual up hill climb. The journey is slow but i'm beginning not to mind it.

" He that hurries through life hurries to his grave. " 

     - George R. R. Martin