Personal Project: Black Girl Beautiful ATLANTA 2017 / by NikkRich


There is something about rich royal colors like blue and deep purple .. oh, and orange, golden yellow, and ... really all the colors in the spectrum compliment brown skin perfectly! If you didn't get a chance to attend black girl beautiful, hopefully you learned your lesson and won't miss it again. (Just kidding!) What's special about BGB 2017 is, I attended in 2016 and became apart of it in 2017!


BGB and I teamed up with sculptur, Kristie Mays, and created a series of portraits featuring her handmade wire crowns. Which are amazing af! Let me tell you. I shot portraits of the attendees wearing the crows so they could briefly become apart of the project. Seeing themselves as royalty!


This new body of work is an extension of my personal work. Yup, that project that I mentioned seemed to load in the background, brought about a new way to show my work! The project I pushed myself to do when sometimes I really wanted to give up. The project I sometimes wished I never created because some Saturday's (I shot the portraits almost every Saturday) I just wanted to relax in bed. The project I stuck with until I felt it was time to move onto something new. The project that created a new venture for me. I constantly try to talk myself out of doing things I signed myself up to do and i'm trying to rewire myself out of thinking that way. This is gratifying in more than one way! Something I purely made out of the need to create turned into something bigger. I learned it was bigger than me when a young girl came up to me and said I was her favorite photographer and she's been following my work for a year. Mind boggling to think someone you've never met is able to see your work through a small device such as a phone, then to meet them in person. Crazy how big the small world of the internet is. 


Being able to speak to these women and share stories along side my sister (who played a BIG role in my upbringing) created a new perspective. I literally saw younger me in every single young girl that came to get a portrait. BGB was beautiful to say the least and I hope to be able to experience that again one day on a larger scale.

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