Stay Flexible / by NikkRich

Something I had to learn: keep things simple and build.

I took a break for two months, and focused on slowing down and figuring out what I wanted out of my everyday. Taking a break seriously helped me with damn near everything, mentally and physically! This didn't come easy though, it came with challenges in which I learned another lesson, be flexible. As we already know, things never go as planned. I knew this but still found myself fighting against the forces that are growth. Simple things such as my sleep schedule, answering e-mails quicker, and switching my work flow to be more efficient to make room for more work. Flexibility is a necessity during times of change, sometimes fighting back makes growth that much harder. 

Another lesson: Don't fight change.

There is nothing like solely focusing on what you want and beginning to see things unfold. 

The photo set below is an example of patience and creating work without pressure. I felt as though most of my concepts and ideas didn't come to fruition because I either did too much OR not enough. Disappointing. Mainly because I was racing against a clock that didn't exist anywhere but in my mind. I had to ask myself, who am I racing? why am I racing them? where are we going?  I'm not sure who said things had to be done by a certain age but as an artist, it can be detrimental to my creativity. Fuck a time clock .. and who ever invented it

Although I still have SO MUCH more work to do, I feel stronger mentally. Imagine what I could accomplish if I focused every two months for a year?!


Key to life: Stay flexible & slow down.


Model: Jordyn of DT Model Management