On Set With: Sarah by NikkRich

Got back in the studio with Sarah to start shooting again. It’s almost been a year since I stopped shooting and after my mother’s death. Since taking on a new job, I’ve felt a need to create but create a bit differently. I’m certainly not the same person I was a year ago. It’s as if everything down to my DNA is different. My bones, my thoughts, my intent, the way I feel when I get up in the morning, when I speak ... different. I was reviewing my shooting process up until now and I noticed there was always a constant feel of anxiety which resulted in me rushing. Rushing even when there was no apparent need to and simply to get every single possible shot I could in whatever time constraint I’d rented that day.

I would come out with some good things, but I always had this nagging feeling that there was something missing.


Nothing ever came out right. It was always ok or good enough. No more will this dire need to rush against this “clock” of doom dictate how my shoots go. The shoot I had with Sarah below was something of an experiment of lighting, make up, and using basic techniques. With this shoot, I moved slower with intent and used my reference photos (which I rarely do) to stay on track. I wouldn’t say I reached full execution BUT I can say confidently that I’m on the way. I’ve reserved studio time every Saturday - until to create something every week that I feel great about.

I’m excited to see what comes of it. Last time I shot every Saturday, I created a book. So … stay tuned!

NikkRich Photography © 2019
NikkRich Photography © 2019
NikkRich Photography © 2019
NikkRich Photography © 2019
NikkRich Photography © 2019
NikkRich Photography © 2019



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